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Make your money grow with our 14-month CD.


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Variable rates after introductory period as as low as


for loan amounts ≥$100,000


for loan amounts < $100,000


We offer products and services for your personal and professional banking needs.
We at Citi Kredits GmbHbelieves in the customer first business policy. We are family! your satisfaction is ours too!!



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Since our incorporation in 2006, we have helped millions of people across the globe with international standard of banking services by proving cost effective loans and funds security for the betterment of global economy.

Why bank with Citi Kredits GmbH

We make it easy to bank, from personal accounts to investing your money, Citi Kredits GmbHcan help with financial products and services.

Convenient banking

At Citi Kredits GmbH, there are so many ways to bank. You can bank online,
in branch and on the phone.

Longer branch hours*

Open Sunday at over 310 locations to serve you better.
*(Individual branch hours may vary)

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The world is a financial village.

Understanding money is the key to financial freedom. Money is like a seed, when you plant it multiplies, this is why Citi Kredits GmbHwas created to help people understand money and plant seeds to yeild fruits. The world is yours!

Jackson Mark
President of Citi Kredits GmbH

  • Mission

    To reduce the level of poverty in the world's statistics thereby reducing crime rates and empowering people.

  • Vision

    To create a world where everyone has a financial plan and one way or the other contributing to the world's economy.

  • What we do

    We are a modern day financial institution with chastity and charisma to help people save money and have a brighter financial plan for the future.

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We spoke to over 10,000 savers in 10 markets to find the wealth they can expect at age 60 compared to their aspirations for retirement

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Our platform is easy and flexible with high defination interest rate.

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Our support section is available via email 24/7 to help and attend to bookings and enquires.

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Personal or business accounts are available in savings and current.